William Hone to Walter Wilson, 17 July, 1822: An Electronic Edition — An Electronic Edition

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William Hone to Walter Wilson, 17 July, 1822.1-TEI-

17 July 1822
Dear Wilson,

You had the Catalogue sent by Coach on the very day it was out & as many of the books as could be bought for you are sent herewith.

But my good fellow how could you think of feloniously robbing me of the Book on Education. I am in serious disgrace with my friend & feel I have used him ill by not reading the book. Your flight was quite unexpected. I had looked together some things against you came a Defoeing.2

British Library, Add. MS 40120, ff. 186. [return]
Hone had for some time been acting as Wilson's book agent in London. Wilson was himself writing a biography of Daniel Defoe, and Hone was collecting materials for the project. For additional information, see the introduction to Hone's Right Divine of Kings to Govern Wrong. [return]
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