William Hone to Francis Place, 26 October 1821: An Electronic Edition — An Electronic Edition

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William Hone to Francis Place, 26 October, 1821.1-TEI-

Ludgate hill
26 Oct. 1821
Friend Place

Here are your books and very ashamed I am that they have been kept so long. They were mislaid having been tied up to be sent home to you and by mistake put on a shelf and were always looked at in that state as another parcel, while I have been fidgetted to death by your notes supposing the books were stolen I could not tell how.

However I console you a little perhaps for the disappointment by sending you a volume of Cobbet's Register2 which John Bone had and you will perhaps accept [one word][?] on Public Credit as a sort of propitiation for my offence. I remember some years ago I thought it contained valuable knowledge.

Yrs truly
W Hone

The books have neither been written in or sent to the Printers.

Mr. Place
Charing Cross

British Library, Add. MS 37949, ff. 99-100. [return]
Until he fled the country in 1817, William Cobbett was the writer and publisher of the influential weekly newspaper, the Political Register. He was acquainted with Hone, though Hone did not hold Cobbett in very high esteem. John Bone was Hone's early business partner. [return]
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