William Hone to John Childs, 19 April, 1821

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William Hone to John Childs, 19 April, 1821.1-TEI-

London, 45 Ludgate Hill

19 April 1821
Dear Childs,

2In the midst of hurry & of my Shop (yes my Shop) I write you a line with my Political Showman3 of which I was safely delivered this morning after being in labor for near four months—However the brat I myself am "as well as can be expected" and going as favorably.

I p[...] from Williams note acquainting [...] with the death of Mr Brightly4 that Mr Childs and your family are much dismayed [?][?] at this moment from so sudden an event—and I fear that my boy has been in your way which I should be sorry for but cannot tell what to say well upon the subject.

Must leave off—Shop full of people. If you see [?][?] Bill he shall have his frills [?][?] next week.

W Hone
Washington State University, Hone papers, cont. 1, fol. 4. [return]
This brief incidental note is written in a rather hurried hand, with short illegible gaps. The central content seems clear enough however. [return]
Hone's Political Showman—at Home!, one of the series of Cruikshank-illustrated squibs from the post-Peterloo/Queen Caroline years. [return]
In 1795, Mr. Charles Brightly had established a printing office in Bungay. He took on John Childs as a partner in 1805, and John and Robert Childs—at Brightly's death—became the sole proprietors. [return]
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