William Hone to Francis Place, 20 December 1820

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William Hone to Francis Place, 20 December, 1820.1-TEI-

Ludgate hill
20 Dec. 1820
Friend Place

I want to get as many facts in proof of the flagrant corruption of the House of Commons as I can possibly procure by 4 o'clock this afternoon and I have full assurance of your readiness to aid me when I tell you it is for my friend John Hunt's Defence of the alleged libel in the Examiner.2 Pamphlets expository of the various branches of State corruption will likewise be very serviceable. I only received notice last night and I must send off the parcel to him at Taunton this afternoon. He will not be the less pleased for knowing that you are a contributor to his fund of knowledge.

Now it strikes me that every fact or recollection of fact or reference to facts within newspaper reference is most desirable but I leave this to your judgment with only one word more--that as to myself I am the most unprovided at this time of any politician with books or tracts on Parliamentary Reform. All my heavy ones were sold to raise the wind for my Defences in 1817 and since then my means have been entirely directed to Parodical collection.

I am Friend Place
Yours faithfully
W Hone

[Address:] Mr. Place
16-- Charing Cross

British Library, Add. MS 37949, ff. 92-93. [return]
In the fall of 1820, John Hunt had written a letter, published in The Examiner, in which he wrote harshly about the MPs in the House of Commons. He was charged with a libel on the House and, at a trial on 21 February, 1821, he was found guilty and sentenced to a year in Coldbath Fields prison. Later in 1821, Hone published an account of the trial. [return]
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