William Hone to "Domine," May, 1820

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William Hone to "Domine," May, 1820.1-TEI-

My very dear Domine,2

Yours is a strong nibble and the consequence is that my financial measures are disconcerted for hours to come!—however here is the money (deducting £5 per cent for prompt)—and, as you have incurred the Debt, let me recommend, for the credit and advantage of all parties, that a Sinking Fund, with the largest possible amount to its application be established, and in full operation immediately.

May the Lord preserve you Domine, and keep you in cash, that the extinction of said Debt may be fully accomplished in the space of eight and forty hours — so prays,

Your half undone and seduced Victim,
W Hone

[on envelope:] "Do My Knee"

Ogden MS 73(2), loose sheet in front of letterbook. [return]
The identity of "Domine" is unclear, but Hone's letter offers a rather jocular sense of his relationships with friends and supporters. [return]
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