William Hone to John Cam Hobhouse, 24 February, 1820

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William Hone to John Cam Hobhouse, 24 February, 1820.1-TEI-

Ludgate Hill
24 Feb: 1820
Dear Sir,

Enclosed are the papers Mr. Percy put into my hands to forward to you, which he expected I had done some time ago.

On conversing with him again just now, I am persuaded his Election experience may be very serviceable to you at this moment, in the way of suggestion for arrangement—preparatory to a Poll— His heart is thoroughly with your purposes, and I think you would do well to avail yourself of his hints — of his services in any other way you cannot. I say this entirely with a view to your interests.

If it be convenient to you I will step in with him this Evening — and you will hear what he has to say.

Our "friend" has not called or sent respecting an interview with you.

I am Dear Sir
Yours faithfully
W Hone

John Cam Hobhouse Esq.

[Address:] John Cam Hobhouse, Esq.

British Library, Add. MS 36458, ff. 148-49. [return]
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