William Hone to John Childs, 19 January, 1820

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William Hone to John Childs, 19 January, 1820.1-TEI-


19 Jan 1820
My dear Sir,

I find I cannot leave London as I purposed, to attend the Fox Norwich Dinner2 — and have only time to say this — and that the occasion of my remaining is the Man in the Moon3 which requires a personal superintendence — I assure you I promised myself great pleasure in seeing you but it "must not be."

Yrs faithfully
W Hone

Mr. John Childs,

British Library, Add. MS 40120, ff. 127-28. [return]
An annual dinner held in St. Andrews Hall, Norwich, in honor of the celebrated statesman Charles James Fox. The 1820 dinner, held on 24 January, was particularly noteworthy for an extended discussion of Peterloo and other matters regarding "The State of the Country." The proceedings of the meeting were published in the Norwich Mercury and then excerpted and published as a separate pamphlet. [return]
Hone's Man in the Moon, begun in December of 1819, was published on 20 January, 1820. [return]
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