"C. Fxxxx" to William Hone, 5 June, 1819

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"C. Fxxxx" to William Hone, 5 June, 1819.1-TEI-

To Mr. Hone
"In freedom was I born, in freedom will I live,
"and sooner die than shameful bonds receive.


Here!—bring me the wine cup!—with feelings of glory
I drink to the health and the triumph of Hone!
When Posterity hail the bright light of his story,
They will weep that so noble a spirit is gone!
He will rise on their minds like a soul-thrilling vision,
All radiant with Honesty, Honour and Truth!
And while Elders exult in the Jury's decision,
Warm plaudits will burst from the bosom of youth.
How bravely he breasted the storm of his foemen!
How Corruption he fearlessly rose to redress!
From his Juries' just verdicts we snatch a bright omen—
Britons ever shall boast of a Freedom of Press!!
Though the stern man of Law look'd defiance and terror,
And fain would have crush'd with omnipotent sway;
Undaunted he scatter'd the dark clouds of Error,
And sprang from the furnace far purer than they!
C. Fxxxx.

[Addressed:] Mr. Hone, Bookseller, Ludgate Hill.

British Library, Add. MS 40120, ff. 122-23. [return]
The writer quotes Tasso, Jerusalem Delivered, Book 5, ll. 311-12. [return]
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