Sarah Hone [sister?] to William Hone, 24 April, 1818

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Sarah Hone to William Hone, 24 April, 1818.1-TEI-

Dear William,

2 In my last I told you my intention to return this week, since that I have received a letter from Mr. Ashby (Jemmy's Clerk) pressing me to stay, also telling me that all my Friends and Relations still wished it. I continue quite hearty but as it is their wish I am going to stay another week or two. —Uncle and Aunts much wish it, & tell me I must go up May Hill3 with them. I can't agree to that, but think of returning the week after next. I hope to be in London on the Morning of the 9th of May (Saty). Jemmy has not noticed my Lie & I much suspect he will not till he is pressed harder, though I told him that setting aside the Doctor's Bill, I had not enough to return to London—which perhaps was not exactly a Lie, for after deducting a few unavoidable expenses I cannot return by any other than the Cheap Coach which is a few hours longer on the road — This will of course answer my purpose as well as any other.

I wrote to Father last Monday advising him to call on Jemmy—to make a long face & kick him hard.—

I was speaking to our Cousin Moore of Bath about Dr. Oliver of the Crescent, telling him the advice you had given me — He knows him well — he is a Clergyman of the Established Church — Mr. M. has frequently heard him declare his Opposition principles very violently in the Public Reading Rooms.

If you should see father I shall be obliged by your asking him to give me a full account of all he has done with Jemmy, so that if it should be necessary for me to write again — I may know what to say.— My love to each of you, also my Uncle and Aunts with their best wishes for your welfare — & believe me to be

Yours very Affectionately,
S. Hone


24th April 1818

P.S.—I was at Bristol two days last week & called on one of our Name, a Corn Chandler &c. who has in his possession the "Genealogy and Ensigns Armorial of Mr. Nathaniel Hone of the Lineal Descent of Sir John Hone who was knighted by King Henry the 8th in the 16th year of His Reign." He copied it from the original which is at Reading in the possession of a Hone, a right liner & I have copied his. —


Mr. William Hone
Old Bailey

British Library, Add. MS 50746, ff. 5-6. [return]
There is some doubt about who exactly the writer of this letter might be. The British Library archivist suggests that it is "probably the daughter Sarah born 20 July 1800 and married 13 July 1822. Is William her husband? Who is Jemmy?" William Hone's parents (William Hone, Sr., and Frances Maria Stawell Hone) had relatives in Somersetshire and Gloucestershire, and it could be that the daughter Sarah had been visiting, writing back perhaps to her brother William (born 24 July 1807). In any event, she was not yet married, calling into question the archivist's guess. The mature familiarity of the writing, however, might more strongly suggest that the writer is Hone's wife Sarah, though who she then means by "father" becomes a mystery, her own father having died many years before, and the identity of "Jemmy" is similarly unknown. Hone's wife Sarah would have been six months' pregnant in April of 1818 (Rose was born in late August), and this may explain the "Doctor's Bill." A third—and in my view most likely—possibility is that this "Sarah" is actually William Hone's sister. Not much is known of Hone's siblings (except for Joseph, who distinguished himself in the law), but a grand-daughter by the name of Margarita Ellen Hone Soul compiled a genealogy of the Hone family which lists William and Joseph and then Judah (b. 1789), Sarah (b. 1796), and Samuel (b. 1798). If the writer is this Sarah Hone (William's sister), many of the puzzling details in the letter are easily explained, though the identity of "Jemmy" is still unclear—perhaps "Jemmy" is a family nickname of Joseph, who, as a solicitor, may well have had a clerk by the name of "Mr. Ashby." Whoever the writer may be, clearly this person is keeping up cheerful family connections with relatives in the Bath/Bristol area. [return]
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