Alexander Galloway to William Hone, 27 February, 1818

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Alexander Galloway to William Hone, 27 February, 1818.1-TEI-

27 February, 1818
Dr Hone,

We shall be glad to see you and Mrs. H and I will pay her a compliment that I do not shew to many ladies, at my own house, that is by taking a cup of tea with her, because her worth and firmness demand this respect from all those who have had an opportunity of appreciating in its proper character her high merit.

I am afraid I shall make you vain in possessing such a woman, but then I know you deserve her and in that way I adjust the account.

You had not left my house last night many minutes before I arrived. I regret that you had the trouble of calling to prevent this, was the reason that I wrote to you last night. Mrs G will accompany you to Mr Grosvenor's and if you wish it I will do so also.2

Yours truly
Alex'r Galloway
University College, Ogden MSS. 74, f. 22. [return]
The immediate context that gives rise to this letter is not known, but clearly Hone and Galloway—and their two families—remain on close terms with one another. [return]
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