Samuel Shepherd to William Hone, 15 December, 1817

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Samuel Shepherd to William Hone, 15 December, 1817.1-TEI-


I cannot at this moment inform you on what day the Trial of the informations agt you will take place,2 as no appointment of special Jury [one word illegible][?] has as yet been made at Guildhall. I have sent to the Solicitor Mr [Gurney?][?] to make inquiries upon that subject, I think these cases will be tried on Friday, but certainly not sooner than Thursday. I will direct immediate information to be sent to you as soon as the day is fix'd, I think I shall first try the Information for the Catechism.

I am,
Your ob'd't Servant
S. Shepherd

Monday, Dec'r. 15

Mr. Hone

British Library, Add. MS 40120, ff. 76-77. [return]
Hone had inquired about the date of his forthcoming trials and about the order in which Shepherd planned to take the three parodies. [return]
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