Charles Pearson to William Hone, 22 November, 1817 — An Electronic Edition

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Charles Pearson to William Hone, 22 November, 1817.1-TEI-

22nd. Nov. 1817
My dear Sir,

The devil is again at work —

The accompanying [notices?] I have just received. They have rained them upon me supposing me to be the attorney employed. [one sentence, illegible.][?]. I shall be happy however to assist you in any way my professional avocation may admit of—whether in reference to the jury or in any other manner you may permit me—

Perhaps you can call when [half sentence, illegible, seems to be an invitation to discuss Hone's case at 12 o'clock on Sunday ?][?]2

Charles Pearson

[Addressed to:] Mr. Hone

Add. MS 40120, ff. 69-70. [return]
This brief note is followed by one other (Add. MS 71-72) which is undated but appears to continue the connection. In it, Pearson asks Hone to bring along a list of the Jury identified by Ward so that (presumably) he can discover whether the juries are impartially impanelled. [return]
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