William Hone to Richard Carlile, 8 August, 1817

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William Hone to Richard Carlile, 8 August, 1817.1-TEI-

67 Old Bailey
8th. August 1817.

2 I shall be very glad of a call from you as soon as possible—Now if you can make it convenient—at any rate before you publish the Parodies, which Mrs. Hone tells me you have just informed her you are about to do.

I am, Sir
Yours Obedly,
W. Hone.
Carlile was enthusiastic in reprinting and publishing Hone's liturgical parodies—much to the consternation of Hone himself who felt that Carlile's activity would bring additional legal attention to himself. In 1819, Carlile was subject to such a libel prosecution, and Hone provided some assistance to his defence. [return]
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