Alexander Galloway to William Hone, 6 June, 1817

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Alexander Galloway to William Hone, 6 June, 1817.1-TEI-

6 June 1817
Dr Hone,

I have received your letter, and the Gentleman whom it introduced to me, I fully concur in your opinion of the propriety of raising a subscription in behalf of the wives and children, and that your late shop is an excellent situation for the purpose.2 Since reading your letter I understand from Mr. Watson that you have altered your opinion as to propriety of letting your Shop to him. I am sorry at his vacillation because I am sure no increased inconvenience would [one word][?] to you from it. You have nothing to expect in the shape of kindness and it would be perfect affectation in you to talk of mercy coming from a quarter where it does not exist. Nevertheless I should be sorry to advise you to a line of conduct [torn] does not meet your [torn] sense of its propriety.

Wooler has set the country a noble example and by his individual exertion has done more to combat corruption and more to serve the people that 10 Regts of soldiers could have {atchieved}. I shall call on you on Sunday and I regret that a pressure of important circumstances have kept me thus long from waiting upon you. I shall want your introduction to Wooler.

yours truly
Alex'r Galloway
University College, Ogden MSS. 74, f. 28. [return]
During the press prosecutions following the suspension of Habeas Corpus and then Sidmouth's "Circular Letter" in March, Hone was active in looking after the families of radical pressmen who had been imprisoned. The present letter from Galloway clearly responds to one such initiative. [return]
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