1817-05-05, Record of Hone's Incarceration

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Record of Hone's Incarceration in the King's Bench Prison, 5 May, 1817. 1-TEI-

London: The King against William Hone for The Sinecurist's Creed--

William Hone Committed 5th May 1817 upon three several rules of Court of which the following are copies--

Monday next after one month from the Feast day of Easter in the fifty seventh year of King George the Third--

2The Defendant being brought here into Court in Custody of one of the tipstaffs of this Court is charged with the Information filed against him in this Prosecution for certain misdemeanors in printing and publishing certain impious profane and scandalous libels and having heard the same read is asked by the Court here whether he be Guilty of the premises thereby charged upon him or not whereupon he prays a Day to answer thereto and it is granted to him by the Court here and the said defendant having no Bail is committed by the Court here to the Custody of the Marshal of the Marshalsea of the Court for want of Bail for his pleading within the first Eight days of the next Term to the said Information and personally to appear in this Court upon the return of the Postea in Case he shall be convicted and so from day to day and not to depart this Court without leave to by the said Marshal kept in safe Custody until he shall be from thence discharged by due course of Law--

On the motion of Mr. Attorney General
By the Court.

[In the margins of each entry:] "Dis[charged] 2nd July 1817, by order Ellenborough"

PRO PRIS 4/29, pp. 250-51. [return]
There are three identical entries for Hone, with the only difference being the title of the parody for which he was being detained--the others being The Political Litany and The Late John Wilkes's Catechism of a Ministerial Member. The PRO volume itself is a very large book in which are recorded the dates and charges of all persons remanded to the King's Court. Thomas Wooler's incarceration appears on p. 143. [return]
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