William Hone to Mr. Glen, 30 April, 1817

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William Hone to Mr. Glen, 30 April, 1817. 1-TEI-

67 Old Bailey
30 April 1817
Dear Sir

I am at home writing my next Register2 from which I cannot stir and in immediate want of Fifteen Pounds which if you will excuse the liberty of my asking you to lend me until Saturday I shall be greatly obliged to you for. It is on emergency I want it & if I go out amongst the booksellers to collect I shall destroy my Register. I know of nobody but you I dare ask — an old friend who has occasionally obliged me is from Town.

I am Dr Sir
Yrs respectfully
W Hone

Mr. Glen
28 Broad Street Place

Hone Collection, Adelphi University Library, Box 1, f. 3. [return]
The reference is to Hone's weekly newssheet, The Reformists' Register. [return]
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