Change of Address Handbill, 30 October, 1816

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William Hone to "the TRADE," 30 October, 1816. 1 — -TEI-

67 Old Bailey, Ludgate Hill

2W. HONE respectfully acquaints the TRADE, that he has taken a house, No. 67, Old Bailey, three doors from Ludgate Hill, where (instead of 55, Fleet-Street) their calls and orders for his present and forthcoming Publications will be punctually attended to.

October 30, 1816.

British Library, Add. MS 40108, ff. 146. [return]
This is a printed handbill, announcing a new address for Hone's bookshop. For a short time, Hone maintained shops at both the Fleet Street and Old Bailey locations though he moved his residence and family to Old Bailey. [return]
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