William Hone to Capt. Harrower, 4 April, 1816

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William Hone to Capt. Harrower, 4 April, 1816. 1 — -TEI-

55 Fleet Street
4th April 1816

2 I beg leave to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of this day acquainting me this day that Mr. Allason a Bookseller in Bond Street has taken the management of your publication.

I have no other books on sale than those announced on the leaf annexed to the Trial. Perhaps under all circumstances it would be more [one word][?] to you to be supplied with the Times from some a person in your immediate vicinity.

I have the honour to be
Your most obedient Ser't
W Hone
Adelphi, Hone Collection. Series 1A, Box 1, f. 3. [return]
This brief note is clearly a draft with many scratchings out and intralinear insertions. It would appear that Hone, perhaps in the ordinary course of business, is terminating a relationship with Captain Harrower. For more on Harrower, see letter to Dowling, n. 2. [return]
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