John Borthwick Gilchrist to William Hone, 2 January, 1816 — An Electronic Edition

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John Borthwick Gilchrist to William Hone, 2 January, 1816. 1-TEI-

2d Jany 1816
Dear Sir,

As I have little chance of seeing you [in passing] today from many previous disappointments will you have the goodness to adopt the best means you can think of for advertising the pamphlet with as little expense as possible.2 You can order the advertisements to appear in the Times, Courier & Morning Chronicle once but on different days & if you could prevail on them or any other paper to insert the Letter which was in the Whig Statesman & Sunday Review it would be a great point gained & draw attention to the book I have no objection to such a handbill as you may deem proper provided you conceive it might stimulate the Sales which is not I fear so brisk as I once expected. By putting the book in Booksellers windows with the contents exposed this also might serve as a general notice through the town & for this purpose. Let me beseach you to distribute a few among your own friends who you think will do the subject justice. I set off tomorrow evening for Edinburgh but as Mrs. T. is I believe on the road to London, she will of course call & adjust her own concerns I trust to mutual satisfaction.

I am Dear Sir,
Your very Obedient
John Borthwick Gilchrist
British Library, Add. MS 40120, ff. 52-53. [return]
Exactly what "pamphlet" Gilchrist refers to is uncertain, though in 1815 he produced his major political work entitled Parliamentary Reform, on Constitutional Principles. [return]
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