from Basil Montagu to William Hone, 1815 — An Electronic Edition

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from Basil Montagu to William Hone, 1815. 1-TEI-

2Mr. B. Montagu Junr. is extremely sorry he did not meet with Mr Hone at Lincoln's Inn, [the two morning] he was kind enough to call upon him respecting the trial of Harvey and still more so that Mr Hone should have been disappointed by the person he [torn, one word] engaged to take it for him in short hand as he much wished for a correct statement of what passed upon the trial. His object in mentioning it to Mr Hone arose from a wish that a correct statement should be put into the hands of the public, and from conceiving it came entirely within the line of publications Mr H had marked out to himself, but of this Mr H. must be the best judge as to the probability of its repaying him for his trouble &c. as Mr. M. had much rather appropriate any money he might have to spare to the service of the poor girl to enable her to obtain some situation hereafter than incur any expense in publishing an account of the trial however anxious he might be that it should be as widely diffused as possible, in the hopes that it might benefit that much to be pitied class of our fellow creatures parish apprentices, and servants who have places procured them by the parish, by deterring those from acting in the same way who are only to be restrained by the fear of punishment not from the love of what is right—

If upon deliberation Mr Hone thinks fit to publish the trial, and there is anything Mr M. Jr. can assist him he will be happy to forward his views in anyway he will point out, and will feel obliged by a call in Bedford Square from Mr H anytime on Saturday the 9th after 10- and before 1 oclock in the morning, — he wd call on Mr H [torn "but is"?] unable to go his way—

25 Bedford Square
Friday Evening

[Addressed to:] Mr. Hone Bookseller
Fleet Street

3 Richmond Lunatic Asylum, Dublin. Wanted a Superintendent & Moral Governor of the Insane. He must be a person of middle age, active habits, & furnished with such attestations of his past character & conduct as shall be satisfactory. The Institution is extensive & will require the strictest uniform attention. Convalescents will be particularly placed under his inspection. The Salary is £ 200 a year with coach & candles & a [one word illegible] house furnished — Further Parts may be learned by applying to Mr. Wainright Secretary to the Insitution, 43 North Great Georges Street Dublin—letter must be post paid.

British Library, Add. MS 40120, ff. 49-50. [return]
Given the third-person and the run-on sentences, it appears that this note was dictated by Montagu. [return]
The back side of the Montagu letter also has this long note, that appears to be in Hone's hand. Perhaps he is still considering a change of occupation/locations? [return]
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