T[homas] Vyse to William Hone, 16 March, 1815 — An Electronic Edition

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Thomas Vyse to William Hone, 16 March, 1815.1-TEI-


Having heard from a friend that you had advertized to be published (as this day) an Account of the Evidence taken last week on the body of my Son, I called at your house in order to obtain a Copy, where I learned that the publication was only delayed in order to give two plates representing the head of the deceased, which induced me immediately to call at the Printing Office, in order to see for what particular purpose those plates were intended? — You and Mr. McCreary2 very politely assured me they were to be given with no other view than to shew the public in what manner the deceased received the shots which caused his death. — Though, Sir, I in some degree at the time acquiesced with your reasoning, I must beg to assure you, for my own part, I would rather they were dispensed with, inasmuch as such an exhibition (however they may favour the sale) can only tend to gratify curiosity on the one part, and to excite painful sensations on the other.

I am, Sir,
Your very Hum. Servt
T Vyse
Denmark Street
Thursday Night

[Addressed to:] Mr. Hone, Bookseller, Fleet Street

British Library, Add. MS 40120, ff. 39-40. [return]
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