Walter Wilson to William Hone, 9 July, 1813

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Walter Wilson to William Hone, 9 July, 1813. 1-TEI-

Dear Hone

I am much obliged to you for your punctuality in attending to my note, at the same time I cannot avoid expressing my regret & vexation at seeing your name at the bottom of the bile you sent.2 This is what you ought upon no occasion to do for any one, & it is not a little against my conscience that I make use of it. If it should please God to restore me to health, I mean to have some serious conversation with you upon that & other topics in which you are to blame. As the first step to reformation, let me exhort you to become a good christian, & to train up your little ones in the path that they should go. The weight of your charge with respect to them, not unfrequently occupies a place in my thoughts. I say these things as a friend.

[Addressed to]
Mr. Hone,

Ivy Lane,
Newgate Street

[Addressed from Wilson at]
Mews Gate

British Library, BL Add. MS 40120, ff. 16-17. [return]
It is not clear what "bile" Wilson refers to here. Nonetheless, the letter demonstrates that, though clearly they did not always agree with one another, Hone and Wilson were already on close terms even at this early moment in Hone's professional career. [return]
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