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1813-06-24, Hone joins the Spectacle Makers

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1. Record of Admission into Spectacle-Makers, 24 June, 1813.
[CLRO CF1/1441]

Smith Mayor
An especial Court held on the Feast of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist (that is to say) Wednesday the 24th day of June 1818 in the 58th year of the reign of George the third of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King V.

2Upon the humble request of William Hone who obtained an order of this Court of the 24 day of June 1813—to be admitted into the freedom of this City by redemption in the Company of Spectacle-Makers—paying unto Mr Chamberlain for this City’s use the sum of forty six shillings and eight pence. It is now Ordered that he be admitted accordingly altho it is more than three Months since he obtained the said Order notwithstanding the Order made by this Court the 21st day of February 1726 to the Contrary—


[in a different hand:] Admitted to the Freedom of the Company.
J. Sewell.

CLRO CF1/1441
This rather unexpected document from the City of London Record Office makes official Hone's membership in the Company of Spectacle Makers, one of the Guilds of the City. Membership in a Guild enabled persons to do business within the City of London--it does not suggest that Hone was actually engaged in making spectacles. Hone's later correspondence--from 1839 through 1842--shows that he maintained this Guild membership (and that "J. Sewell," the person who endorsed the present document, was still the Guild secretary).